Can I help with the sailing?
Absolutely! You are welcome to get involved as much as you wish, helping to steer the boat, raise and trim the sails, and all the many things that keep us going. Some people use the experience to develop their sailing skills before going out on a charter sailing holiday, or learning the first steps in navigation. We’re delighted to share our passion for sailing.

Do I have to help with the sailing?
Absolutely not! We make sure that we have sufficient expertise and crew on board to manage the boat ourselves. If you wish, you can sit back and relax, simply enjoying the experience. You may find that you want to get involved as your confidence develops, but there is no expectation!

What clothing do I need to wear?
We suggest you wear comfortable clothing, with layers that you can adjust as the day may get warmer or cooler, depending on the weather. Light-weight sports footwear will help you feel confident moving about the deck. Some clients may have their own wet weather gear but we also have available high quality sailing waterproofs. It is also important to use sun-screen protection and sunglasses, as the reflection off the water can intensify the sun.

What does a typical day look like?
It depends entirely on you! When we confirm your booking, we will discuss the sort of things you would like to do. When you arrive on board, usually around 9-9.30am, we’ll have a further chat, informed by the views of all those on board, the weather, tides and possible events in and around the area. After a safety briefing, we’ll usually sail for the morning, moor up somewhere for lunch in a local restaurant, then sail back to our berth for about 5pm.

Can you cope with dietary requirements?
Prior to coming on board, we check whether you have specific dietary needs. We can happily cope with any requirements and will make every effort to ensure that this does not limit your enjoyment of your time on board.

Where will we be going?
The Solent is arguably one of the most amazing cruising grounds in the world. Our choices will depend on the weather, tides and possibly events happening in the area.

Short trips might include: the Hamble river; Cowes; exploring the Medina river.

Slightly longer trips could take us to: Bucklers’ Hard up the Beaulieu river; Newtown Creek; Portmouth harbour, Gunwharf Quays and the Spinnaker Tower; Yarmouth; Lymington; the Needles, etc.

Overnight or weekend voyages could include: Poole harbour and Town Quay; Studland Bay; Swanage; Chichester harbour & East Head.

What ages can come on board?

Some events are more suitable for adults only. However, with a background in education and extensive experience training young people in sailing dinghies, Andrew is adept at making younger children feel at ease. There are plenty of ways to get them involved in sailing, navigating and searching for treasure! This can be a great way of introducing children to boats, prior to a family charter or flotilla holiday overseas. We make it fun learning knots, safety and sailing.

What if the weather is horrible?We are here to have fun; if the weather is really horrible (it sometimes happens) we will discuss options and, if necessary, arrange another date. There are plenty of alternative activities in the vicinity, including bowling, cinema, escape rooms, theatres, etc.

What if I get seasick?
We are always very conscious of how people are feeling on board, and we know (from experience) that feeling sea-sick is truly horrible. However, we can advise on a range of ways to tackle it. On board we have a number of different ‘solutions’ and find one of them works for almost everyone.